Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about the services offered by PutalocuraX.com. If you can not solve your doubt in this section you can send us an email to webmaster@putalocura.com:


· Who is behind PutalocuraX.com?
Torbe, one of the most famous Spanish porn actor and producer. He is the one who is behind PutalocuraX

· How often do you update your videos?
At least twice a week, but often we update 5 times a week.

· How many webs are in PutalocuraX.com?
Now we have got more than 30 webs, but we are working to make a lot of new webs soon. We will access all of them for the price of one.

· How much does ir cost subscribing to PutaLocuraX?
Only 30 euros per month

· What is the payment method?
You can pay with credit card. If you have problems paying with the credit card send us an email to otrospagos @ putalocura.com and we will tell you some alternative payment methods to access PutaLocuraX.

· If I subscribe, what will I find inside?
You will find more than 30 webs and you will have access to all their videos and pictures, and also to the coming new webs and updates.

· How can I unsubscribe?
Tienes que ir a esta web e introducir tu datos y automáticamente te daras de baja, instantáneo.

· How much time do I have to see all the webs?
One month from the day you subscribed.

· If I subscribe now, when will I receive the password to access the webs?
At the moment, at the same moment you subscribe, we send you an email with your password and you can access right now.

· Can I share my account with a friend?
No, each subscription is independent and we suggest you not trying it, because we have a software that disables your access for 24 hours.

· How many videos can I download each day?
As many as you want, but there is a 5 GB daily download limit. When reaching this limit you won't be able to download for 24 hours.

We do that to avoid servers overloadings and hacker attacks.

· I've got a web and I would like to earn some money with your material. How can I do it?
You can do it with our affiliates system. I'll explain you how it works.


This information is just for webmasters who have websites where they want to earn money. promoting the sites of PutaLocuraX

· I've got a website and I want to earn money with PutaLocuraX. What can I do?
First of all, sign up as an AFFILIATE here.

· Hae you got some kind of support to increase my incomes?
Yes, we have got banners and free pictures and videos to promote your website, even already made sites.

Having problems?, Wanting to unsubscribe? Please contact our technical support service